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There is no greater gift to the world than your happiness. There is no greater form of healing than feeling joy.  Your laughter is a beautiful form of love and gratitude to the Universe. Make it your mission to have fun and laugh often!

– Michelle Morrison

Stokefest and Psychic Fair

Date: Aug 12-13, 2017

Location: Akashic Ranch - direction and maps found at

Time of Fair: 10am to 5:00pm each day

The Crystals & Curiosities Cabin open during the fair!

Admission fee: $5.00 per person, $10 at the door. (No refunds)

Tickets sold at: Eventbrite (Click  Here)

Michelle will be doing 20 minute mini sessions at this event for the special price of $50.  I am booking only a handful of sessions prior to the event to keep lots of openings for everyone.  If you are interested in booking and paying for a session prior to the weekend, please email me at: and it will be first come, first serve!

Tickets for Stokefest are only $5 online and $10 at the door

Why not bring the best things together...Nature, Healing, Intuitive Readings, Entertainment, and like minded beautiful Co-Creators??

Come join us for a fun, organic day and a healing hippie vibe with intuitive readings, healing modalities, vendors and arts and entertainment at our third annual Stokefest Psychic Fair 2017!

This year Stokefest will run for two days on August 12th and 13th. We have over 20 intuitive vendors and the list is growing! We will also have on site the wonderful mobile food service The Happy Camper.

Our beautiful list of vendors at Stokefest Psychic Fair offering your very own personal readings!

Michelle Morrison - Spiritual Consultant, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Writer and Inspirational Speaker.

Tara Bradley - Intuitive Tea Leaf Reading.

Shari Hrycenko - An intuitive who uses Clairaudience and Clairsentience to receive and communicate loving messages from Spirit.

Martin Comtois - Astrology guide and reader based on Carl Jung methodology  

Stephanie Banks - Intuitive and Channeller of messages from Solomon.

Donna Barnes - Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader.

Ryan Larson - Palm reader of the International Institute of Hand Analysis

Tara Nagy - Goddess channeled readings, oils and candles

Erin Maze - Energy work and drum making

Karen Cameron - Young Living Essential Oils

Lisa Williams - Clearmind Float Spa

Laurie Anderson - Soul Path Portraits

Alara Serait - Intuitive readings and sample Bars sessions

Julye-Anne McKenny - Henna Tattooist.

Sheila Hughes - Intuitive Medium and Angel Card Reader

Cayla Joss - Registered holistic nutritionalist and crystal jewelry designer.

Stacey Hurl - Essential Oil beauty and health products

More vendor information to come!

Free entertainment each day!!

Saturday August 12th

Yoga with Yvette from 12:30pm to 1:15pm

Madhu Sai and Marianne guided crystal bowl meditation 1:15pm to 2:00pm

Tammy Morrison Belly Dancing 3:00pm to 3:30pm

Sunday August 13th

Yoga with Yvette from 12:30pm to 1:15pm

Madhu Sai and Marianne guided crystal bowl meditation 1:15pm to 2:00pm

Tammy Morrison Belly Dancing 2:00pm to 2:30pm

The Happy Camper mobile food available all day both days.

An Afternoon with Spirit - Kamloops

Saturday July 8th from 1-3pm ($45)

Akashic Ranch, The Akashic Ranch and Crystals and Curiosities Cabin

4032 Campbell Range Road

Kamloops, BC

V2C 6W4

Please come and enjoy a beautiful afternoon of messages from Spirit as Michelle delivers so many messages with the audience from their deceased loved ones, angles and sprit guides.  Have you ever wondered if it's possible to connect with the other side for guidance and support when you need it the most? Have you ever wanted confirmation that your deceased loved ones are safe and doing well? Do you wonder if you have your own angels and guides? Michelle Morrison will answer all of these questions and more during an engaging Afternoon with Spirit on Saturday July 8th at the Crystals and Curiosities Cabin on the Akashic Ranch in beautiful Kamloops, BC. Explore and celebrate the connections, love and support that you have all around you and hear the messages that your loved ones, angels and guides most want you to know right now. Michelle will help you to move beyond the limits of your five senses and the material world as you tune into the huge scope of "Spirit". During this special afternoon, you will discover how to tap into this incredible Universal Energy and use it to help guide you with purpose and direction. Learn how to be an incredible co-creator of your reality and live the life you truly desire. Michelle be randomly connecting with members of the audience to deliver personal messages from loved ones, angels and guides. Known for her sense of humor and gentle, loving delivery, your heart will be full of laughter and joy as you hear the messages through Michelle. Raise your vibration and clear away negativity as the energy of the evening will lift you up and send you home on an exceptionally high note. You will feel more intuitive and more connected to what is truly meaningful in your life and the infinite beauty of your soul.

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Deepening Your Connection - Intuition and Mediumship Workshop

Sunday July 9th  From 10:00am to 4:30pm

Akashic Ranch, The Akashic Ranch and Crystals and Curiosities Cabin

4032 Campbell Range Road

Kamloops, BC

V2C 6W4

We have this incredible intuition within each of us.  Do you listen to your gut instincts or are you looking to trust those gut instincts in a more powerful way?  By deepening our connections, you can deepen your intuition, deepen your connection to your very own angels and spirit guides as well as your deceased loved ones and even beloved pets!  No matter where you are, if you are wanting to do this for yourself or if you have a gift of intuition that you would like to share with others, this workshop is for you!  Deepening your connection to the world of Spirit can bring so much love, joy, clarity, meaning and answers when you need them!  You were actually born with these abilities and so it is more of a remembering than anything else.

During this workshop you will be learning how to tune into your intuition and how to deepen your ability to listen to own intuition.  You will also be learning how to connect with your very own angels and Spirit guides and how to get clarity from the messages that they constantly share with you.  You will also be learning how to connect with your deceased loved ones and pets so that you can deepen your communication with them and receive the messages and signs that they are working so hard to send to you.  From this place, it becomes so easy to share messages with others as well!  So exciting!  There has never been a better time to connect with your incredible intuition and bring forward messages for yourself and others as we need such beautiful light on the planet right now.  Join Michelle for this incredible one day workshop in a beautiful place in nature and deepen your connection as you feel way more intuitive and able to receive and share messages!  Please bring your own lunch, water bottle and travel tea mug and anything to make yourself comfortable this day.  Dress in layers as working with Spirit can at times give you the "shivs" in such a good way!  All workshop materials are provided for you, but if you have a journal that you like to use, please bring it along.

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Spirit Wisdom Retreat 2017

June 23-25, 2017

Sorrento Centre, Sorrento, BC

Registration is now open!

Click here for all retreat information!

An Evening with Spirit at The Pond!

The Pond Country

Tuesday October 17th  7-9pm

Thursday December 12th  7-9pm

Join me for a magical evening of messages from Spirit.  I will be doing random readings for people in the audience and delivering messages from your deceased loved ones, your angels and spirit guides.  Witness the beauty of connection and the love that opens within you when you connect in such deep and meaningful ways.  For tickets to these events, please contact The Pond directly.

2017 Oct 17 2017 Dec 12

Dancing with Divinity, A Practice in Perpetual Bloom

With Michelle Morrison and Stephanie Banks


Sunday December 3 from 10am to 5pm

Cost: $125


Join Michelle and Stephanie for a one of a kind workshop and the only one this year!

Deeply connect with your intuitive abilities and innate instincts.

Learn and use synchronicities like miracles in your life each and every day.

Embrace your divinity in a powerful way.

Are you on a journey of personal empowerment and self awareness? Are you asking questions like, what is my purpose? How can I attract more of what I desire in my life? How do I rise up in the midst of a chaotic and confusing world? If so, this workshop is for you! Join Michelle and Stephanie as they work together to share passion, insight and knowledge on living a purposeful and enlightened life in a time of extremes that can challenge ones integrity and understanding. Learn to truly trust your instincts as you let go of worry and just simply trust. Move through your life in an empowered, joyful, loving and peaceful way!

ALSO! Michelle will be sharing messages with you in a group reading and Stephanie will be channeling Solomon for the group. This will be such an amazing experience! We have so many great things and surprises in store for you. The fun loving chemistry between Michelle and Stephanie will have you laughing and expanding in your own skills and abilities with such ease and fun. You so deserve some time for yourself and to connect with others in this beautiful workshop. Finish 2017 with the right kind of energy and prepare for 2018 with loads of excitement, confidence, joy and love!

As if this day couldn't get any better, Marianne from the Akashic Ranch will also be there with a table of her beautiful crystals and many other items for you to browse.

There will be water and snacks available throughout the day.

You can choose to bring your own lunch or there is a buffet lunch available at the hotel for only $15.

Please dress comfortably and in layers and bring anything that helps you to be more comfortable throughout the day.

Please bring a journal and a pen

Optional, if you have them: angel cards, pencil crayons, markers or gel pens


For tickets, click the link!