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“There is no greater gift to the world than your happiness. There is no greater form of healing than feeling joy.  Your laughter is a beautiful form of love and gratitude to the Universe. Make it your mission to have fun and laugh often!

– Michelle Morrison

An Evening With Spirit

The Pond Country Market

Tuesday October 23, 2018

Tuesday December 11th, 2018

Please contact The Pond directly for dinner reservations and tickets, they sell out extremely fast!

2018 Oct 23

How to Work with Your Angels
Thursday October 25th, 2018 from 7-9:30 pm

The Hilton Hotel,

339 St. Paul Street, Kamloops, BC


Join Michelle for an uplifting evening of messages from your angels.  You have so many angels and guides around you, supporting, loving and guiding you.  Learn how to tune in and receive messages from your own angels and work with them in a way that truly helps you connect.  When you go through your life feeling your angels around you, you have instant help with anything in your life.  As always, Michelle will also share messages at random with the audience from your very own loved ones and angels!listen to what it is telling you so that you can trust yourself and choose steps that bring more love, joy, success, abundance, health and well being!

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2018 Oct 25

An Evening With Spirit - Kelowna

With Michelle Morrison and Stephanie Banks

Friday November 16th from 7pm to 9:30pm

The Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre, Kelowna

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Join Renowned Psychic Medium, Michelle Morrison and Award Winning Author, Stephanie Banks for a very special "Evening with Spirit". Coming together to bring you an incredible and uplifting experience, you will have the opportunity to hear Stephanie channel "Solomon", a collective of high vibrational souls who Stephanie calls the "cool dudes" from non-physical! You will not only hear their incredible and profound messages but you will be able to ask your own questions to Solomon. Michelle will connect with members of the audience and bring forward messages from deceased loved ones. These messages can bring so much clarity, peace, love and understanding. Michelle is known for her breathtaking messages, sense of humor and gentle, loving delivery and your heart will be full of laughter and joy as you experience the messages with the entire audience.

This evening is an incredible opportunity to experience these two powerful women together and will be an evening full of messages and understanding that will fill your heart and leave you craving more. Submerge your heart and soul in this amazing energy, learn something new, meet great people and recieve life changing, positive, loving messages that help and support you in profound ways!

Hotel Group Rate for this event

Arrival Date:  Nov 16, 2018

Room Type:   2 Queen Beds

Number of Rooms: Rate Only

Room Rate:  $109.99 +tax

Group Code:  CG 8438

Group Name: "The Balanced Soul  "

2018 Nov 16

Working with Your Angels - Kelowna

With Michelle Morrison and Stephanie Banks

Saturday November 17th from 10am to 4pm

The Okanagan Centre Hall, Lake Country, Kelowna, BC

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We are listening!  We have made a decision to do a slight shift to this workshop!

 It has come to our attention that what people are looking for most right now is how to develop and enhance our intuitive abilities and how best to access and maintain a connection to our angels and guides on the other side. Because we are here to assist in the best possible way we can, we feel it is our responsibility to be guided and directed by spirit as well as the requests from the community.

 This being said, we have decided to alter the direction of our workshop planned for November 17th. The topics we will be focusing on will be that which we originally planned but will also include intuition and hearing and receiving guidance from our guides and angels. We will be sharing a variety of techniques that are tried and true as well as the new science that supports what our ancestors have been telling us for millennia. Once we learn to tap into this amazing ability that we all have access to we begin to see the magic unfold in ways unimaginable! Our intuition is our blueprint to our lifetime masterpiece!

 Stephanie and I will be sharing our ideas of how to hear what spirit is sharing  with you and how to maintain this intimate and profound connection. Our angels and guides are here to support us on our journeys in the most loving way! Do you hear the messages? Let us share with you the best way to communicate and trust in what you are receiving!

 Of course, we will be sharing messages from your loved ones on the other side and Solomon will make an appearance delivering support and guidance to all those who attend.

 We hopenthat those who have already purchased tickets to Trials to Triumph will still choose to join us for this magically insightful afternoon! If you decide that this is not for you, we will gladly refund your tickets and hope to see you when we do offer the original workshop sometime in the future. Thanks you form your understanding!

 With love and light,

Michelle and Stephanie

Empower. Create. Evolve.

Combo Ticket for

An Evening With Spirit and Trial to Triumph - Kelowna

November 16th and 17th

$175 plus GST

For those wanting to come to both events, "An Evening with Spirit" and the workshop, "Working with Your Angels" with Michelle Morrison and Stephanie Banks.

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2018 Nov 17

Exploring your Akashic Records
Wednesday November 28th, 2018
The Hilton Hotel, Kamloops, BC
7:00 - 9:30 pm

Limited Seating: $45 plus GST

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Do you have unexplained connections to other cultures?  A deep desire to travel to distant countries?  Have you ever felt like on some level you are "Italian" or "Aboriginal" in a way that you can't explain?  Have you ever been somewhere and just know that you have been there before, yet you haven't in this lifetime?  We all have cellular memory of all of the experiences and lifetimes that we have experienced.  We have done many different things and experienced so much as we move through our infinite journey.

The Akashic records are the Universal energetic record of all that has been.  The records are the truth of our life force before we came into our physical being, before our ego, thoughts and perceptions manipulate the truth of who we really are.  The Akashic records contain the vibrational record of every soul and every journey. It is within the realm of the Akasha that we can really learn more about who we really really are at a soul level.  When we work with Akashic energy, we are allowing healing to occur at a deep level as we move closer to who we really are and we align with our own truth.

Join renowned Psychic Medium, Michelle Morrison for an uplifting evening learning about and exploring your very own Akashic Records.  Through simple exercises and guided meditation, you will have the opportunity to experience and view journies that you have already taken, wisdom you have already learned and to assimilate it in a way that is truly empowering and uplifting.  As always, Michelle will finish the evening with messages from Spirit!  Come and join Michelle for an energetic evening of learning and laughter!

2018 Nov 28

Reiki Level 1 - Sunday January 20th, 2019

Kamloops, BC

9:30am to 4:30pm

Cost: $250

Reiki Level 2 - Sunday January 27th, 2019

Kamloops, BC

9:30am to 4:30pm

Cost: $250

You can register for both and take both together for $450

To register for Reiki, please email Michelle's office directly to set up a time to speak to Michelle prior to registration being completed.

2019 Jan 20 & 27

Psychic Development and Mediumship

A weekend of mentoring with Michelle

February 23rd & 24th, 2019

West Highlands Community Hall (Aberdeen) Kamloops, BC

9:30 am to 4:30 pm Saturday & Sunday

Group Dinner Saturday night, optional

Investment: $429.00 plus GST


I have designed this workshop for those who are interested in serious psychic, intuitive and mediumship development.  I will be sharing so much about how it all works, how to clearly receive information, how to know what to do and next steps to take.  I will also be guiding you to share intuitive information with others and how to do readings for others.  It may be that you just want to deepen your own talents and abilities and learn to receive intuitive information and messages from loved ones.  Wherever you are, we will be doing it all and really deepening your own abilities and talents.  If you know that you receive messages and you are wanting to really understand and act upon them in ways that are meaningful and successful for yourself and for others, this weekend of intuitive development is for you!

Often, I hear that people know that they are getting messages but need help figuring things out and acting on the messages that are coming.  I also often hear that people get messages for others but are not always sure how to share them or what to do with the information.  During this weekend, all of these things will be addressed and so much more!  You will have the opportunity to learn, experience, receive and share in a safe, loving  and supportive environment geared to help you gain confidence and deepen your understanding to a whole new level of intuition.

Michelle will be sharing everything about how messages come to her and how she shares them to so many people.  Even if you are wanting to just be more connected for yourself, gain confidence in what you are receiving and how to interpret the messages with clarity and ease.  This weekend is meant to bring very deep understanding, clarity and psychic development on a whole new level.

This will be a small, intimate workshop with lots of personal attention.  Spaces already filling!

To get more information or to register for this weekend, please email Michelle directly:

An Evening with Spirit

February 19th, 2018 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Hilton Hotel, Kamloops BC $42 plus GST

SOLD OUT!  Make sure to stay tuned to social media to win tickets!

Join Michelle as she delivers messages from spirit (your deceased loved ones, angels and spirit guides). An enlightening evening full of laughter, tears and all the kleenex you need.