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“I want to help you by bringing forward your soul plan and purpose.  By looking at any obstacles or blocks and then how best to align with your authentic soul and get into the flow of an exceptional life and your amazing spirit immediately!”  

-Michelle Morrison

Medium and Intuitive Reading Sessions:

A Group Intuitive Reading is an interesting and fun experience for you and your family or a group of friends.  Messages from spirit guides, deceased loved ones or understandings about your energy will help you gain clarity and tap into your highest potential and healed state.

Michelle works with groups as a whole, or by dividing the time among the group, answering any questions that you may have.

Group Intuitive Reading

 Group Session:

Group Sessions are for 3 or more people and start at - $300

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Group Intuitive Readings:

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Reiki Healing:

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a gentle and holistic healing technique that uses universal life force energy to treat the mind, body, emotions and spirit.  Reiki is a simple, yet profound technique that uses universal life force energy through the hands.  The client remains fully clothed and the experience is safe for everyone, including babies, children, the elderly and pregnant women.  Reiki sincerely accelerates the healing process for those who are ill, under medical treatment and/or in recovery stages.  Reiki treatments induce feelings of peace, serenity, security and well being.  Reiki improves sleep, enhances learning, restores energy and works in conjunction with all other medical and therapeutic techniques.  Michelle does all Reiki Healing session in combination with channeled meditation and visualization to bring you the perfect tools to continue the healing work for your body, mind and spirit.

Energetic Healings can be done in person or by distance as energy has no boundaries. Tapping into your energetic system, Michelle sees and senses any blocks, stagnant or dense energy and works with you to release and heal them.  Supporting you to release negativity and set new positive patterns can greatly improve numerous areas of your life and bring you to your healed state.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui tradition, Michelle has countless hours of experience and has touched many energies and students.  With a loving, supportive approach and a passion for healing and teaching, Michelle will help you on your healing journey.

Energetic Healing and Teaching

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Earth Based Inca Shamanism is an amazing way to help us reconnect to our spirit and soul. Inca Shamanism fosters a deeper relationship with ourselves and to our own internal resources.  Using a deep connection to earth energy, Shamanic work can be a catalyst for deep change, healing and transformation.  Shamanic Healing is a powerful and productive way to experience soul retrieval and to heal any past trauma’s that may have occurred in your life.  There are numerous ways Shamanic Healing can help you to shed any blocks or negativity in your life and to help you welcome a connected, whole, peaceful state of living.

Shamanic Healing

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Meditation is the most simple and profound thing that we can do to transform our life into a more natural state of well being and alignment.  It can be difficult to stop the constant dialogue and the busy aspects of our life, but the more that we practice and tune into even small moments of stillness, the more open we become to universal wisdom, clarity and a peaceful way of moving through our lives.  I use guided meditation in my healing's and sometimes as part of an intuitive reading.  Michelle’s meditation classes and sessions are designed to help you reach a place of stillness and deep relaxation.  Using visualization, you can journey through meditation, helping you to gain clarity and deeper understandings in all areas of your life, leaving you in a peaceful, relaxed state of mind.

Michelle also works with clients individually, creating and supporting an individual meditation program designed specifically for each person’s needs.  Whether you are recovering from illness or surgery, or you are dealing with depression, anxiety or stress, Michelle can help you with a meditation program that will help you with whatever you need.  By directly channeling messages for you, the stillness and the visualization will guide the way to your healing path and your healed state.

Meditation and Visualization

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Each of us contains a Divine Blueprint, a "map" of our soul.  During a blueprint session, you will learn all about the ways that you are best supported so that you will live your best life and truly thrive!  Understand your Divine purpose, the purpose of your life, how to best support your energy, relationships, career path, romance and finances.  Know and use your strengths, talents and gifts to move from success to success in your life. 

When you truly understand your Divine blueprint, you begin operating at a higher vibration, aligned with your highest purpose and your healed state.  You will be relieved of stress, worry, fear as you honour the “real” you, living a life of authenticity , tuned into your empowered soul and incredible inner wisdom.  

Let your Blueprint reveal your talents and gifts and rather than just dreaming about a better life, start living one right now!  Mapping the Blueprint of the Soul is conducted over 3 one on one sessions, by phone or in person.  The investment for three one hour sessions is only $399, a small investment for a life changing outcome!  

Mapping the Blueprint of the Soul Sessions

3 – one hour sessions: $399

Mapping the Blueprint of the Soul Sessions

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"Just as each snowflake is unique and incredibly beautiful, so is the truth of who you really are."

-Michelle Morrison

Michelle naturally connects with your loved ones, angels and sprit guides. Messages from your loved ones can bring you so much peace and clarity and can help you to deepen your own connection so that you can continue to see, feel and receive your own messages from them.

An Intuitive Reading is a positive and exciting experience that will help to bring you clarity and alignment with achieving your dreams and desires.  During an Intuitive Reading, Michelle will connect with your energy and partnering with Spirit, will bring forward the information that will best serve your highest purpose.  

Sometimes, we just need more clarity or deeper understanding.  Questions range from life purpose, career, health, relationships, life guidance, spirit guides, angels and deceased loved ones.  

A personal session can help you uncover the blocks and patterns in your life and give you steps in moving forward, helping you to create positive changes and momentum in your life, exactly where you need it.  Michelle will always connect to your highest potential and your healed state, helping you to connect to the same energy will help you create the life you want.

An Intuitive Reading is just as powerful over the phone or by distance, so no matter where you are, Michelle will be able to tap into your energy to see and sense exactly what is going on. Your session will be powerful and unforgettable, bringing you clarity, messages and “aha” moments and steps that you can take to do what you came here to do: to expand and to reach your own highest potential!

Intuitive Reading

 One Hour Intuitive Session: $180 Cdn.

Session in Person, Phone or Skype

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