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Having met Michelle at her ' Awakening Through Intuition Workshop', I haven't been the same since in such a positive way! I speak of my workshop experience daily to family and friends and these are only some of the words that easily flow from me about Michelle. Michelle is absolutely supportive, mellow, experienced, humble, compassionate, willing, encouraging, sensitive with wonderful sense of humour. What more could one want, when learning to trust one's own gifts that we all have to expand upon. Thank you so much Michelle!

- Gloria

I am so grateful for this amazing experience! Thank you so much for helping me to trust myself and to really begin to see the potential I have.”

– Christine

I had already been on quite a journey but I'm so grateful that the Universe sent you to me. You were just the gentle, inspiring soul that I needed to help guide my way. Never in a million years did I ever consider thinking and doing some of the things I'm doing and your workshop has been the catalyst for this change.

– Debbie

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gifts.  I feel so positive and uplifted!  I am now paying attention to signs all around me and especially to my dreams!  I am grateful for our session and I am really looking forward to the workshop!

- Darlene

Michelle, thank you so much!  Our session is exactly what I needed to help me remove some of the heavy energy that I have been carrying around.  I feel so much better and it is like I understand more.  The insights that you brought forward have truly helped me to make sense of a missing link.  I really enjoyed my time with you and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

- Lisa H.

Thank you so much Michelle, I really feel clear.  The process of healing with you has really helped me to find and feel my soul.  Coming back to a place of balance has been the very best journey and I am so grateful for all I have learned and am still learning.  I truly appreciate your support.

- Lisa F.

“During my last reading with you, I experienced a massive healing...AND the gift keeps giving, as it is on CD and I have used it a few times since!! Thanks again, it was truly amazing!”

 - Lynda

“During my reading with Michelle I received direct guidance on several aspects of my life. It is actually hard to share what I received from our session with words, it is beyond language, Michelle is so gifted and amazing...I laughed, I cried, I received so much helpful information.”

 - Tania

“My reading was ever so uplifting! It was special all the way through. I was crying relieving tears, I was crying happy tears. It gave me confidence and a deep sense of ... peace! I enjoyed every single minute of it. It was funny, loving, and heartwarming. There was plenty of time to ask questions although I could have just listened to you and the messages coming. To sum it up, it was plainly awesome!!!”

 - Natascha:-)

“My reading was the most wonderful and love filled experience! The guidance that came through was so spot on and exactly what I needed to hear to help myself feel "un-stuck" and move forward where I was unsure about the steps. So many wonderful things came through that just made me feel totally loved and supported.”

- Amber

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What My Clients will say . . .

When you seek to see the Divine in everyone and everything, you will see it and feel it within yourself.”

 – Michelle Morrison

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